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Phase 3

This list gives a bit more detail about the phase 3 trials in progress. Typically, if there is an announcement of a drug successfully completing a trial, I will move it to the next stage before I see a press release or report saying that a new trial is starting. I assume it will move to the next stage. The only exception is for small (20-100 participants) phase 2 trials, as drugs don’t seem to move to phase 3 until they have completed a placebo-controlled phase 2 trial with well over 100 participants.

[updated April 6, 2013]

Phase III Trials

1. Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (aka Multiple Sclerosis International Stem Cell Transplant Trial)

2. Campath (aka alemtuzumab or Lemtrada) (Genzyme)

3. Daclizumab (aka Zenapax) (Abbott, Biogen-Idec)

4. Gilenya (aka fingolimod or FTY720) (PPMS) (Novartis)

5. Interferon beta 1a – PEGylated  (BIIB017) (bi-weekly or monthly injection) (Biogen Idec)

6. Laquinimod (aka ABR-215062) (Teva)

7. Masitinib (SPMS and PPMS) (aka Kinavet or AB1010) (AB Science)

8. Minocycline (MS Society of Canada, MS Scientific Research Foundation)

9. Ocrelizumab (R1594) (trials for PPMS and RRMS) (Genentech, Roche, Biogen)

10. Progestin and Estradiol (Hospices Civils de Lyon)

11. Revimmune (aka Cyrevia OR high-dose cyclophosphamide) (Accentia Biopharmaceuticals)


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